Decorate Your Doorstep for Fall

Autumn is a wonderful time of year–leaves are changing color, the summer heat is slowly leaving us, and holiday d├ęcor is all around. And let’s not forget how everything from lattes to candles are “pumpkin-spiced” for the next few months!

Whether you have a long walkway to your front door or a small stoop, outdoor fall decorations are an easy way to celebrpumpkins decorating a porch for fallate the season. After checking out magazines and Pinterest for autumn decorations, we have found 4 of our favorite fall porch decorating ideas.

  1. Pumpkins: For a simple seasonal look, display pumpkins of varying sizes and shapes around your door and stairs. Don’t forget to add some odd-shaped gourds for more character. Paint on messages or initials for a personalized twist of decorating with pumpkins.
  2. Flowers: Seasonal flowers are always a great way to decorate your entryway. One fun idea is to cover plastic pumpkin containers with chalkboard paint so you can add whatever welcome message you’d like to display and then fill the containers with your favorite flowers.
  3. Wreaths: Seasonal and year-round wreaths are one of the biggest trends this year and one of the easier fall door decorations. You can create a wreath with practically anything–leaves, gourds, burlap, wheatgrass, nuts, berries and more. If stored properly, you can use your new wreath for years to come.
  4. Nature: Cornstalks in planters, garlands of dried corn, painted pine cones and acorns–these are just a few ways you can use natural elements in your entryway display. We bet if you look in your backyard, you may just find everything you need to create a unique, fall look.